About The Quality of Materials Used

Swarovski Crystals and Charms:

Swarovski is a world-renowned brand known for their precision cut crystal, made only in Austria. In 1895, Daniel Swarovski created a machine that allowed him to make “a diamond for everyone,” (www.worthpoint.com).  Crystals made after 2012 have patented technology that allows them to still sparkle intensely without lead. Charms are made with “rhodium-plated white metal” and all “Swarovski jewelry conforms to EU regulations, therefore [their] jewelry is anti-nickel allergenic.” (per twitter post by Swarovski, Mar 27, 2021). 


Preciosa Crystals and Beads:

Derived from Latin, the name means “precious” or “valuable.” Traced back to 1548 in the Crystal Valley of Bohemia, a region of the Czech Republic known for its crystal, the company has worked to create diamond-like stones and uniform beads. “Preciosa Pearls look exactly like genuine cultivated pearls, each containing a crystal ball core with several coats of nacre applied for a silky smooth shimmering finish,” (www.bluestreakcrystals.com). There was a study done with Preciosa beads against 3 Japanese brands and 1 Chinese. The Preciosa beads were the most uniform and durable. Like Swarovski, Preciosa Crystals are now lead-free, (www.preciosa-ornela.com). 


Miyuki and Toho Beads:

Produced from two companies in Japan, these tend to be very uniform in size and shape, sparkle brilliantly and have larger holes which make them easier to use.


Arianna Filati Polyester Thread:

Located in Italy and founded in 1976, Arianna produces high-quality, high-tenacity polyester thread. This thread is twisted tightly and allows for ease of use, no slubs, and is a continuous thread on one spool. Because polyester thread does not stretch, it is a good base for heavily beaded items.


Coats Red Heart Cotton Thread:

Founded in the early 1800s, this company has roots in Scotland, England and American based locations. This is 100% mercerized cotton, is strong, has a soft, silky feel and a vibrant look as well as deeper color penetration and color retention allowing the item to look good for a long time. Mercerized thread produces less lint and slubbing, is more resistant to mildew and holds it shape better than non-mercerized. This is why mercerized cotton is used in luxury clothing, (https://coats.com).


Silkon Nylon Thread:

This is a “bonded synthetic fibre which does not fray or stretch,” the breaking strain is approximately 23lbs, (www.kernowcraft.com). This allows it to be used with abrasive stones or metal, (www.firemountaingems.com).


YarnArt Camellia Thread:

Made in Turkey, this is a polyester and metallic blend thread that is strong and beautiful.