About Me

Tatting is beautifully rooted history that can be tangibly held in the hand. It’s a way to connect and touch our ancestors.

There is strength inside the frailty.

Needles, threads, and lace have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Learning from my mother, an experienced sewing and lacemaker herself, I had my own sewing machine at age 5. I have tried my hand at embroidery, crewel work, french knots, chicken scratch, crochet, knitting, and cross-stitch to name a few. While serving in the U.S. Marines I tailored my uniforms and those of others, made my wedding dress, ball gowns, and other clothing.

Despite those experiences, while browsing the bookstore one day I came across a book of tatting patterns - I was in love! I HAD to try it! After many attempts, I am able to do what my heart longed for that day and more.

The more I learn, the more intrigued and inspired I am.  

While people do not decorate their homes with lace in the same way they once did, that does not mean we cannot enjoy the ancient art in our daily lives. Using only high quality findings, beads and threads, each piece is created to last and make the person who invests in it feel beautifully connected.

Many of my pieces are inspired by nature. By life itself.  

In tatting, to achieve a finished knot the thread twists and turns to bind and hold. Each knot is independent and strong, Rooted with a common thread. Embraced by those around it, Free to be what it was created to be. The color can change with time just as our experiences color our lives. The strong foundation holds the jewels, beads, and findings that are our friends and blessings. 

Inspired by life. Made by hand. Tatted Lace Jewelry: Rooted. Embraced. Free.